We are Duktus.

As a German manufacturer of high-quality ductile cast-iron products, we have made our name with our pipe systems, unique product technologies and our strong application focus, as well as our expertise in water management and civil and underground engineering. At Duktus, we’re serious about quality, this is how we understand our job - the Duktus way.

Our name

To us, the Duktus name means carving out your own path; it’s the leading role that we want to play. It’s about joining pipelines and, of course, it’s about the material that defines everything we do: Ductile cast iron. Our vision is to be a competent, committed and reliable partner to all of our customers and business contacts; we want to form partnerships that produce results.

Our committed team has been manufacturing pipes in our casting foundry for over 100 years. For over 90 years, we have been producing ductile cast-iron pipes using our traditional centrifugal casting process. We use this extensive pipe manufacturing experience to continually develop our processes to ensure that we meet the needs of our customers.

At Duktus, we want our customers and market partners to know that regardless of their location – whether they’re working with us in Germany, France, Eastern Europe or on another continent – they are doing business with a company that offers the best system solutions and is committed to the same principles across the world. And all of our employees – whether they’re based in Wetzlar, Rudná or another part of the world – know that they are part of the Duktus family!

The Group

We employ over 300 people at our pipe production site in Wetzlar, Germany and at our sales subsidiaries. With a turnover of over 100 million euros, the Group is one of the largest European suppliers of ductile cast-iron pipe systems.
Duktus develops, produces and markets high-quality systems for water supply and construction infrastructure and for industrial applications, making a significant and sustained contribution to the construction and operation of high-quality water supply and waste water disposal infrastructure. Duktus products are of exceptionally high quality and are characterised by their outstanding technical and economic performance.

In February 2016, Duktus joined the vonRoll infratec Group.


The focus of the Group’s development work is the global expansion of its systems business, with innovative, high-quality products and services for water and gas supply infrastructure, as well as waste water disposal.

An impression of our company