Rocket plough process/milling

The rocket plough process is used to insert pipe sections into new channels. The rocket plough is an extension of the pipe and cable ploughs that have been used for many years to install cables and flexible pipelines.

The rocket plough process is suitable for ductile cast-iron pipes in sizes of up to DN 300. The main machine used in this process is a tractor fitted with a cable winch and a plough. The most important part of the plough is the blade.

The plough is joined to the tractor by a steel cable. The pipe section is placed in a start shaft at the required depth. This shaft is dug at an angle. The pipe section is then attached to the plough blade. The pulling force of the cable winch forces the plough blade into the soil around the pipeline entry zone. This creates a hollow space into which the pipe is immediately inserted.

The plough procedure is ideal for use in rural locations with a low population density, which require long pipeline networks with comparatively few connection points.

In these kinds of applications, the milling technique can also be deployed to install ductile cast-iron pipes.