Pipes and fittings with BLS® joints are virtually universal. With quick and easy installation and high permissible operating pressures and tension forces, they can be used in almost any conceivable application in high-pressure pipeline construction (water or waste water).

  • Municipal drinking water supply and waste water disposal.
  • Mining
  • Replaces concrete thrust blocks in conventional installations in open trenches
  • Bridge pipelines/open pipelines
  • Overground pipelines (replacement water supply)
  • Trenchless installation processes (HDD, burst lining, push-pull technique, pipe relining, floating pipe into position, etc.)
  • Snowmaking installations
  • Turbine pipes
  • Steep slope installation
  • Fire extinguishing pipes (FM-Approval)
  • Waterway junctions/culverts
  • Use in areas at risk of earthquakes or subsidence