Fireman extinguishing a fire

Fire extinguishing systems

If a building isn’t fitted with an efficient fire extinguishing system, damage in the event of a fire can be catastrophic – both for the building and its occupants.

Due to the generous safety buffer against stresses resulting from internal pressure (pressure surges) and external loads, ductile cast-iron pipes are primarily used in fire extinguishing systems in transport applications – for example in the construction of new railway and motorway tunnels and at airports. They are also used in new construction projects in sectors such as the chemical and petrochemical industry.

Extinguishing water pipes made from ductile cast iron are non-flammable and capable of absorbing loads and providing extinguishing water if fire does break out. Our ductile cast-iron pipes with BLS® socket joints are FM-approved in nominal sizes DN 80 to DN 400.


Colourful image showing catch basin in mine


Mining activity often requires large volumes of water to be transported – on the one hand to supply the mining waste sites, which are often located far from cities and sophisticated urban infrastructure, and on the other to dispose of the slurry generated by the mine.

In both applications, Duktus pipes with BLS® socket joints are the ideal solution. Lined with a highly wear-resistant internal coating (HPM), Duktus BLS® pipes can be installed above ground without a cover, and can be disassembled even after use (see our manual on trenchless installation processes with ductile cast-iron pipes) – making them perfect for mining use.


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