Photo of an Alpine stream

Turbine pipes

Electricity generated from hydroelectric power is a cleaner form of energy. Turbine pipes are usually installed in extreme locations. In spite of the challenges this brings, ductile cast iron allows installers to work quickly and safely – in narrow trenches, with excellent deflection capability, the ability to install even in poor weather and rapid recultivation.

The high strength of the pipeline and the thrust and tension-protected joints guarantee the faultless operation of the power plant pipes for generations to come.

Illuminated snowmaking installations on a ski slope at night time

Snowmaking installations

Snowmaking installations – which ensure that ski slopes can remain open whatever the weather – are an essential piece of equipment for popular winter sports destinations, which rely on snow to bring in the tourists that the businesses in the area depend on for their survival.

To function properly, snowmaking installations need a reliable water supply that can operate at high altitudes and withstand high pressure.

Thanks to the strength of the material and the flexible socket system designed for quick and easy assembly and installation, ductile cast-iron pipes with BLS® joints are Austria’s number-one choice for snowmaking installations pipelines and fittings.