Natural flowing water

Pressurised waste water pipes and non-pressurised pipes

Ductile cast-iron pipes for pressurised waste water pipes and non-pressurised pipes as defined in DIN EN 598 are available with TYTON® socket joints or longitudinal positive locking BLS® and BRS® joints – offering the perfect technical solution for the task at hand combined with a generous safety buffer.

The joints have a high load-bearing capacity – so low coverage depths (e.g. 0.3 m at traffic loads of up to HGV 60) or larger coverage depths (e.g. 10 m in dam conditions) present no issue.

The high-alumina cement-mortar lining in the ductile drainage pipes is resistant to highly aggressive drainage media.

For highly abrasive or acidic media, we also offer HPM and PUR linings.

Thanks to the leakproof joint, the high load-bearing capacity of the raw material, the diffusion resistance of the pipe wall and the strength of the internal and external coatings, the supervisory authorities recommend the use of ductile drainage pipes in single-pipe systems for drinking water protection zones II and III.