CO2 reduction

Environmental balance

  • Fully recyclable
  • Reduced CO and CO2 emissions
  • Sustainable use
  • Completely environmentally safe
  • Protects fossil resources
  • Low maintenance and repair requirements
  • Long product life
  • Made from recycled material

CO2 reduction symbol

Positive environmental balance: Cast-iron pipe systems are a sustainable solution!

Ductile cast iron can be used in many applications across the field of pipeline technology. Thanks to its impressive technical characteristics, cost-effective coating and joint techniques and the wide range of fittings available, cast-iron pipes offer long-term reliability and safety in any setting. Ductile cast-iron pipe systems are a more relevant and modern solution than ever before, as they meet the resource conservation and environmental protection requirements that are so important to our future. They offer long-term cost benefits and are a highly sustainable option.

(EADIPS/FGR - Dr Jürgen Rammelsberg)