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GSTT – German Society for Trenchless Technology e.V.

Like the ISTT (the International Society for Trenchless Technology), the GSTT aims to promote scientific methods and technologies for the trenchless installation and maintenance of pipelines, and to develop, publicise and advise on these technologies. As part of its work, the GSTT studies  scientific findings, research reports and practical results for the general benefit of the public and the environment, and publishes the data it gathers. The organisation also supports developments, contributes to or hosts training and publishes its own reports.

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France Sans Tranchées Technologies

The FSTT (the French organisation for trenchless technologies) is a scientific and technical association.

It brings together property owners, local authorities, construction companies, planning offices, scientists, engineer training institutions, general or specialist companies, manufacturers and suppliers of equipment or materials, trade unions and other similar organisations,

with the aim of promoting trenchless installation processes for pipelines in buried networks. The organisation distributes its work across three areas: research, education and information.

Trenchless installation methods remove the need to construct trenches when installing or maintaining buried networks. The technology also encompasses inspection and network cartography methods,

and can be used in all types of public and private networks.


Quality seal: “Innovation through research"


Quality seal


The joint association for the scientific sector in Germany, known as the “Stifterverband”, awards the “Innovation through research” quality seal in recognition of research activity.



German Water Partnership


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A platform established to help coordinate the water industry, drive innovation and pool information.

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The Fachgemeinschaft Guss-Rohrsysteme (FGR®) e. V./European Association for Ductile Iron Pipe Systems (EADIPS®) is a technical scientific association of European companies that produce pipes, fittings and valves in ductile cast iron.

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DVGW – German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water e.V.

The association aims to promote technical and scientific progress in the gas and water sectors, focusing in particular on safety, hygiene and environmental protection.

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DWA – German Association for Water, and Waste e.V.

The German Association for Water, and Waste (DWA) is a key representative and spokesperson for the water sector in Germany. The organisation works to promote safe and sustainable water management.

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GET - Quality Association for Drainage Technology

The Quality Association for Drainage Technology is a competence centre, information and coordination centre for drainage technology. To protect the environment and water bodies, GET demands, defines and monitors high quality standards and integrated quality assurance. In particular, GET develops standardization proposals for international, European and national standardization.

GET awards the RAL quality marks RAL-GZ 692 "Sewer Casting", RAL-GZ 693 "Separator Systems" and RAL-GZ 694 "Building Drainage" for drainage technology products and - in cooperation with Quality Associationproperty drainage - RAL-GZ 968 for separator system services. Products and services of drainage technology with the RAL quality labels demonstrate a special, tested, high and traceable quality.

Durable, high-quality, environmentally friendly and safe products protect the environment as well as users and operators. RAL quality marks help planners, authorities, users and builders to make quick and correct purchasing decisions and to carry out work reliably and safely.

The members of GET are leading manufacturers of drainage technology, professional associations, testing institutes and other recognised experts.

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