The history of our company

Archive image of the pipe foundry in Wetzlar

The Buderus time line: From 1731 to the 21st century

1731 Company founded by Johann Wilhelm Buderus
1835 Wide range of cast-iron products
1878 Buderus develops “Nassau casting foundry iron”
1901 The new pipe foundry in Wetzlar commences production
1907 Drainage pipes added to portfolio
1909 Pipe foundry II commissioned
1927 Foundry starts to use centrifugal casting process
1935 Takeover of the Hessen-Nassauischer Hüttenverein and closure of the old pipe foundry in Wetzlar
1946 Centrifugal casting foundry reopens after Second World War
1956 Centrifugal casting of ductile pipes begins
1957 Quality improves thanks to introduction of TYTON® socket joint
1981 Preparation of furnace plant at Wetzlar and commissioning of a new cupola furnace
1987 Founding of operational subsidiaries, resulting in reorganisation of Buderus Group
1991 Founding of Buderus Guss GmbH
1999 Preliminary completion of modernisation of pipe production plant
2002 Further organisational development within Buderus Guss GmbH
2003 Buderus AG and its subsidiaries acquired by Robert Bosch GmbH
2005 Significant volume of Buderus Guss GmbH casting activity divested outside of the Bosch Group
2007 Cast-iron pipe business sold
2010 We become Duktus.
2016 Duktus joins the vonRoll infratec Group
2018 Ductile ramming piles and shaft covers added to portfolio


Our management board

The managing directors
Friedrich Greiser (CEO) and Stefan Neuhorn (CMO) bear overall responsibility for the companies of the Duktus Group.

Our vision

Committed, successful, pioneering

In our industry, we set the benchmark when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Our customer focus is based on reliability, flexibility, expertise and honesty.

In our development work, we focus on benefits for our customers and on the latest technological advances,
and we support our customers with our professional services.

Our products and services are characterised by a high standard of quality.

We ensure the quality of our products with stable processes, error prevention
and a culture of continuous

We understand legal requirements and the demands of our industry and
our resulting obligations, and we comply with these obligations.

Our thoughts and actions are guided by our dedication to success and economic principles.

We support our employees and involve them in the further development of our company. 

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