Cast iron pipe systems

Over 100 years Duktus cast iron pipes - Quality is our tradition

Tradition brings obligation!

Duktus has been producing cast pipes since the year 1901. In the beginning, the pipes were produced using the sand-casting process. Since 1926, this has been done using the “de Lavaud” centrifugal pipe casting technique. Over the years and decades, the production processes, inner and outer protection of the pipes and the connection systems have been continually refined and developed further.

Today we can fall back on this experience gathered over this long period, thereby passing it on to our customers by using this knowledge in the development of new products.

Duktus pipes and shaped fittings of ductile cast iron fulfil the high requirements with regard to sealing, reliability, quality, variety and efficiency today placed on fresh water and waste water piping in an exemplary way. For the user, this means far-sighted orientation and the reliability of having selected the right product.