We are Duktus!

Growing together: Former Buderus Gussrohrtechnik, Buderus litinové systémy and Buderus Pipe Systems FZE are Duktus. We have made a new name for ourselves with our ductile iron pipe systems, our application-oriented specialist technology and our expertise in the water industry and foundation engineering. And this is something that we do under our new name of Duktus.  

Our name
Duktus stands for our own special way of doing things, for the leading role that we want to play, for the connecting function that a pipeline performs and of course for the material that plays such an important part in shaping the idea that we have of ourselves: ductile iron. We are not going to change in any fundamental way as a result of our new name. What we do want however is to become ever better. Above all we want to be an expert, committed and reliable partner for our customers and partners and one that it is worthwhile to work with.

With Duktus we want to tell our customers and partners in the market that, whether they work with us in Germany, in France, in Eastern Europe or on other continents, they are working with a company that supplies outstanding system solutions and that is under an obligation to follow the same principles everywhere. And Duktus employees know that, whether they work for us in Wetzlar, in Rudná, in the Middle East or in other parts of the world, they all belong to one company!  

The group of companies
At our production site in Wetzlar in Germany and in the subsidiary sales and distribution companies in Europe and representations in the Middle East and in South America, Duktus employs more than 300 people. With a turnover of over 100 million Euros, the group is one of the largest European suppliers of ductile iron pipe systems.

Duktus develops, produces and markets high-grade systems for transporting water. The group therefore makes a major and sustained contribution to the construction and operation of high-quality infrastructure for water supply and for the disposal of wastewater and sewage. Duktus products are of superior quality and are notable for the particularly high performance they give both technically and economically.


Duktus is now a member of the vonRoll hydro.

The main focus of our group is the worldwide development of our solution oriented business including innovative and high-quality products and services for infrastructure systems.

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